About Duthilleul process !

The process Duthilleul

The question today is not whether the waves are harmful or not, but to apply the precautionary principle recommended by all relevant authorities, as well as possible by protecting his health, his family and that of his immediate environment .
What are the risks already identified:
SAR or Specific Absorption Rate, what does that mean?

Just when I phone is created overheating of parts of the head and body tissue which is located my mobile, which is why it is limited by an international standard DAS = 2W / kg of bodyweight France and 1.6W / kg in the United States.
The radiation of my mobile, what is it?

This is the mobile device to the radiation which is manifested in the form of radiofrequency waves and which allows the device to remain in direct contact with the network. It is especially these Radiofrequency waves not just about the SAR as the World Health Organization has classified carcinogenic (Group 2B), in 2011 the electromagnetic waves.
What do I risk if I am not protected?

The more I use my mobile the more I expose myself to this heating which may, over time, damage the blood-brain barrier that protects my brain.
Moreover, children who do not have the bone development of an adult skull are even more vulnerable if they frequently use and daily mobile.

EMITECH COFRAC, measured an SAR above the norm when we plate our phone against us. So we shall avoid wearing it in our pockets and keep it as far away from our body.
How to protect yourself:
A patented solution, unique in the world about the problems addressed (DAS and RF Waves), has just been marketed: The device for attenuating electromagnetic waves "Duthilleulprocess".

This product resulted, from a French invention, is exclusively distributed by PROTECTWAVE, with attenuation of the DAS and the radiofrequency field + or - 90%.

Tests and comprehensive measurements were made by EMITECH the French laboratory accredited COFRAC to validate the operation of this innovative device from the new technologies. (Di electrostatic polarity and quantum field theory)

Mitigation qualities at the DAS and RF waves are verifiable and quantifiable and do not affect the normal operation of the mobile. This is where our process is innovative because while protecting the user maximum, it allows it to protect the DAS but especially radio frequency waves while maintaining a normal communication network.

"Duthilleulprocess" is a culmination of years of research, innovative and unique in the market as to the patented technology used.

Only a few phone covers, so far available in the market, protect the DAS but any of Radiofrequency fields that are returned directly on the immediate environment.

ANSES in its 2013 report, tells from his own tests they are mostly ineffective.
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